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"I2M" was formed in July of 2004, initially as an alternative to fee based companies that are created to aid inventors in bringing their product to market. It was decided, after doing a review of the competition and working with more than one, that they were mostly the same, service orientated, with no successes of their own and very few for whom they catered to, the inventor.

As I took stock of my ideas and what the inventor companies were offering, I decided to make a strategic decision and to start a company dedicated initially to my own ideas and get in the game. I would market and sell my ideas and products through various names but always under the the I2M umbrella. My strategy would be to;

  • Prioritize my unique portfolio of ideas
  • Evaluate them against the market place
  • Focus on the top 5 ideas
  • Document the complete product process for each
  • Create and implement a marketing plan for each one
  • Measure the results
  • Continue to fill the pipeline with innovative products.
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